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Safety Information

IMPORTANT SAFETY RULES to protect your children, and eliminate damage to the jumping castles:
As a supervisor or the parent you need to follow the rules below;
Extra caution and supervision is required for children ages three (3) and under.
Never allow older kids to bounce with children 3 and under unless they are properly supervised by an adult.
Individuals with head, neck, back or other muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, small infants and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted in the unit at any time.
No food or drinks permitted at any time.
No flips or extreme horseplay permitted.
No silly string or streamers permitted.
DO NOT bounce or step near the entrance.
Remove shoes, belts, glasses and jewellery, especially rings and studs.
No sharp objects allowed inside inflatable.
No pets near the castle at anytime.
Stay off netting at all times, don't lean on it purposely.
Keep toddlers from putting netting in mouth.
No persons over 100KG's allowed inside inflatable.
Separate groups of children according to size and/or age.
No one is allowed in inflatable while it is being Inflated or Deflated.
NO children to touch or play with motor.
In case of rain and /or lightning, have children exit Inflatable and turn off motor
In case of accidental power outage to unit, have children exit Inflatable immediately then check for power disconnection.
Damage to the castle will incur a fee for repair.
Persons not following safety rules should be excused from play immediately.
This Safety sheet will be provided on the day and will need to be signed by the adult in charge.

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